Manual Play, Looping, Horizontal Easy Slider with Hover Links

		loop: true,                            // Looping
		autoplayDuration: 0,                   // 0 means no autoplay
		autogeneratePagination: true,          // Automatically create links
		nextId: 'nextA',
		nextText: 'Hover Next',
		prevId: 'prevA',
		prevText: 'Hover Prev',
		hover: true,                           // The Links are hover links
		hoverPause: 0,                         // No pause if you hover over the image (this is default)
		easing: 'linear'                       // Linear style animation

Autoplay, Fading, Looping, Easy Slider with Hover Pause - (Loop of 5 images)

		loop: true,                           // Looping
		orientation: 'fade',                  // Fading
		autoplayDuration: 1000,               // Autoplay with 1 second intervals
		autogeneratePagination: true,         // Automatically generate pagination links
		restartDuration: 2500,                // In case of user interaction, restart the autoplay after 2.5 seconds
		nextId: 'next',
		prevId: 'prev',
		pauseable: true                       // Pause by hovering over the image!  Then restart after 2.5 seconds (see above)

Modified JS File

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